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Where to get Coupons?  Well, to make getting your coupons easy, I have created the COUPON SAVING CENTRAL where you can get free printable manufacturer coupons, e-coupons and cashback coupons from all of the major sources in one place!  With some of these sites, you will need to download a very small program (just once) in order to print the coupons. Most of these programs let you print two copies of each coupon. On some, you will have to hit the back arrow button (I have to hit mine 3 times) to get the coupon to print again. Also, if you have more than one computer at your location, you can print two coupons per computer! Most of these sites add new coupons at the beginning of each month, so be certain to log-in the first of each month for fresh offers.  Also, if you're new to couponing and wish to learn more, check out the  "COUPON RESOURCE CENTER" in the second tan box.

Where to get Coupons?
Printable Manufacturer Coupons

Discount Fanatics



Checkout 51
Snap by Groupon
SavingStar Cashback eCoupons


CellFire eCoupons 

  • Checkout 51  App works on computer or smartphone at any store!
  • Snap by Groupon  App works on computer or smartphone at any store! 
  • ibotta app works on your smartphone or tablet! 
  • SavingStar  App - you use Store Loyalty Cards or upload a copy of your receipt for stores (like Walmart, Target or Walgreens that do not have Loyalty Cards
  • CellFire  eCoupons  load to your  Grocery Store Loyalty Cards.
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There are other sources for free printable manufacturer coupons other than the biggies shown above. For your best savings, you can also check these sites.  Many of them will have you become a member or join before being able to print their coupons.  Occasionally, we will also point you to these sites to print coupons in order to match the coupons on these sites with current sales!

Betty Crocker

Box Tops 4 Education

Campbell's Kitchen

Johnson & Johnson

Kellogg's Family Rewards Coupons

Mambo Sprouts

Pick Up The Values

Scotch Brands

Manufacturer's Coupons are also made available by the manufacturer's of the products themselves on their own websites.   Many other manufacturer's offer coupons on their websites at times.  I have compiled a listing of Manufacturer's with links to their websites for your ease in checking their sites.  These pages are continually growing.  There are other reasons that you will want to have access to these manufacturer's websites, but you need to visit the link to see why. (Ooh, aren't we sneaky :-)

Where to get Coupons?
Other Paperless eCoupons

eCoupons are loaded from a website (like one of the ones shown below) directly to your Store's Loyalty Card. Then when you visit that store, purchase the item, and they scan your card, the coupon is automatically applied. Some Stores have started offering their own eCoupons - nice!!!


P&G e-Saver

Upromise - Join Now 125x125

Where to get Coupons?
Store Coupons
Printable Store Coupons
Pre-printed Store Coupons
Electronic Store Coupons

Many Grocery Stores and Drug Stores also offer their own Printable Store Coupons and/or eCoupons.  And, the great thing about these coupons is, because they are Store Coupons, which means that they are not Manufacturer's Coupons, and they will have the Store's Name printed on them; they can almost always be stacked (used in combination with) a Manufacturer's Coupon.  This will provide you with double savings!  

 Target and many other stores offer printable Store Coupons.  Some coupons are online printable store coupons, some are pre-printed (like Walgreens) and available at the front entrance of their stores or in sales ads, and some are electronic.  For instance, Publix Grocery Stores offer their own Electronic Coupons.  You can go online and sign up.  So, if Kraft Sliced Cheese was on sale for $2.89 and Publix was offering an Electronic Coupon for $2.00 off this cheese, plus I had a Manufacturer's Coupon for .75 cents off the same cheese, I could stack (use both coupons) and pay only .14 cents for this cheese!  (I did this just recently, which is why I used the cheese example :-)).  

So, be certain to check the flyers that come in your mail, the newspaper, store entrance and websites of the stores you shop at to see if they offer their own store brand coupons!

If you're a Target shopper, you will want to frequent their website for Store Coupons!

Target Store Coupons 

Where to get Coupons?
How to get Add'l Coupon Inserts

But wait... there's more! ☺   There are lots of ways to get additional free Sunday Coupon Inserts, and yes, I've created a list for you.  Check out the list on my Sunday Paper Coupons page.

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I would like to THANK YOU for this site...For a stay at home mom like myself, everything I needed for couponing, work at home info, etc is all provided on this one site. It gives me ideas and keeps me on my toes. THANK YOU!!! GOD BLESS YOU!! Damaris I., USA

OMG, I just love your site! It’s jam-packed with stuff to save me money! I never even knew about the cash back shopping thing until I came here. I shop online every couple of days and always went right to the store’s websites. Who knew?! I’ve already earned back $115.48 by signing up and using the sites you suggested. And the money I’ve saved by switching over 3 of my prescriptions to the one’s on the generic list at my local WalMart –wow! I still haven’t seen your whole site, there’s so much available. Just wanted you to know that Discount Fanatics ROCKS!!! Adrianne P., USA

Hi, I was new to couponing and I came across your site. I just wanted you to know that I read through your couponing 101 course and your related materials about couponing and it was so easy to understand, thorough and detailed. I love that I’m even able to print coupons from so many sources right from your website. It’s amazing how much information you provide to us for free and I thank you. God Bless. Trina, USA

I got sick of my cable tv company raising their rates, so I was looking for alternatives to paying for the high price of cable like many others. Your free tv episodes list is GREAT! The links to the Networks and Cable Networks don’t just take me to their homepage, it takes me directly to the page where I view the tv episodes. Man, you guys are on the ball.  I come here everyday to link to whatever program or network I plan to watch. Matthew B., USA

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