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Using Generic Drugs (get the Walmart 4 Dollar List, Target 4 Dollar List of generic meds and many others), Free Antibiotics, Free Diabetes Medications and Free Samples, Free Prenatal Vitamins, Free Children's Generic Vitamins, using Prescription Discount Cards, Co-Pay Cards, and Patient Assistance Programs, as well as Pill Splitting are many of the ways that I show you how to save money on your Prescription Medications. If you thought that I saved you a lot of money in other areas of this website, then by the time you find out how much money that I can save you on Prescriptions, I promise that you'll be ready to kiss me! There's so much information here, that it takes 3 Pages. Be certain to review all 3 pages or you'll miss valuable savings information! The Pharmacy list starts right here on Page 1 and continues onto Page 2.

Save Money with
Free Antibiotics

Free Antibiotics

Many pharmacies and stores offer Free Antibiotics with a doctor's Prescription. Many doctor's are already aware of these programs, but if your illness requires the use of an antibiotic, please ask your doctor to prescribe an antibiotic that is available for free! As I do with the Generic Medications, I recommend that you print the listing of Free Antibiotics available from your preferred Pharmacies and keep them in your purse or wallet, or at minimum take them with you to doctor's appointments.

Pharmacies/Stores that offer Free Antibiotics

Save Money with
Free Diabetes Medications

Many pharmacies and stores offer Free Diabetes Medications with a doctor's Prescription. Many doctor's are already aware of these programs, but if you are diabetic, I recommend that you print the listing of Free Diabetes Medications available from your preferred Pharmacies and keep them in your purse or wallet, and take them with you to doctor's appointments. Then ask your doctor if they would like to place you on any of these medications. 

Pharmacies/Stores that offer Free Diabetes Medications

Save Money with
Free Prenatal Vitamins
Free Children's Generic Vitamins

Some pharmacies and stores offer Free Prenatal Vitamins and Free Children's Generic Vitamins with a prescription (up to a certain age).  Many don't advertise it on their sites, so be certain to ask. 

Pharmacies/Stores that offer Free Prenatal Vitamins
Pharmacies/Stores that offer Free Children's Generic Vitamins

Save Money with
Generic Drugs

Switching as many of your prescriptions to GENERIC drugs is the first key to prescription discounts. It is crucial to your savings! If you don’t have one already, start by making a list of your prescriptions. Take this list to your doctor and/or pharmacist and find out which ones have generic drug equivalents. Then see which of the Pharmacies/Stores listed below are in your area and click on the links that I’ve provided to see if their Covered Generic Drug List includes your prescription(s).

Even if you have Insurance and you think that, say $10 per month is a deal for your medication, you may be wrong. I had 3 such generic drug medications that I was paying $10 per month for, that were on the generic drug list. I went to my doctor and asked them to switch me from a 30-day supply to a 90-day supply, and I was able to get the exact same generic for the same $10, but instead of paying $10 per month for a 30-day supply, I'm now paying $10 for a 90-day supply! Every quarter when I call-in a refill, I simply remind my pharmacy NOT to run those 3 medications through my Insurance - because Insurance wants the most money from you, so they will automatically fill a 30-day supply and charge you the co-pay amount of $10 per month. I'm now paying $3.33 per month, instead of $10 per month on those 3 medications!

Some of the programs that require you to pay an Annual Fee to participate may not be worth it, unless you also plan to use the additional services that come with these programs, so compare before you decide. As I locate additional Store/Pharmacy Generic Drug Programs worth mentioning, I will list them here, so check back often. These prices are subject to change.

It’s often the cheaper alternative with or without insurance if you use these strategies. If your doctor gives you a prescription for a Brand Name drug, make it a practice to ask him/her if there is a generic drug equivalent? Also, to save even more money, ask your doctor for 90-day supplies on your prescriptions. It saves you money and trips to the pharmacy.

Even if your Prescription does not appear on the Drug Store listing, that does not mean that there is no generic equivalent for it. That simply means that you'll have to pay slightly more for the generic.

Save Money with a
Prescription Discount Card

Discount Drug Network Prescription Discount Card

Prescription Discount Cards (also called Pharmacy Discount Cards and Free Drug Cards) are a great way to save money on prescriptions. You can use them whether or not you have insurance. Simply ask the cashier at the pharmacy to tell you what the price of your medication would be if she ran it through insurance and how much it would be if she put in on your prescription discount card - then go with the lowest price.  I do this all the time! Discount prescription cards are accepted at around 99% of pharmacies and usually the pharmacies keep the card information on file, so you only need to present the card once.

Discount Drug Network offers a free Prescription Discount Card that is available to everyone and easy to use. This card will save you anywhere from 10% to 85% off of your prescription drugs! Now that's a Discount Fanatics savings! You can hit the "Print Your Free Card" button and a card that you can instantly use will come up, ready to print.  Or, you can type in your basic information and they will mail you a card.  You can also get pricing on some prescriptions by hitting the tab labeled "Rx Pricing" and  entering your drug, strength and dosage information into the required fields.  Never pay full price for your prescriptions!

Save Money on
Over-the-Counter Medicines

You can very easily save money on (OTC) over-the-counter medicines by purchasing them with coupons. To make it even easier for you, I've provided a direct link to print free Health Care Coupons here!  To save even more, if possible, purchase during a sale!  What types of products fall under OTC Health Care coupons: headache medicines, vitamins, supplements, laxatives, fiber supplements, cold and flu products, allergy products, first aid products and more. Come here anytime and get your free coupons! I've also installed the widget that you see to your right so that you can easily see the currently available over-the-counter healthcare coupons available! Remember, coupons are like free money. Whenever you hand over that $1.00 or $2.00 coupon, that $1.00 or $2.00 that stays in your pocket!  When you hand over several coupons, that's several dollars that stay in your pocket! Use those coupons!!!

Save Money with
Co-Pay Cards
Pill Splitting
Patient Assistance Programs
Maximum Quantity Allowed
Free Samples

(See Page 3 to learn how to save)

(including the Walmart 4 Dollar List)

Walmart 4 Dollar List

A&P Pharmacy
More than 360 Generics
A&P Pharmacy Generic List

Baker’s Pharmacy
More than 300 Generics
Baker's Pharmacy Generic List

Bashas’ Pharmacy
300 Plus Plan
More than 300 Generics
Bashas’ Pharmacy Generic List

Big Y Pharmacy
Free Easy Touch Meter Kit (when you purchase the strips)
Big Y Pharmacy Free Prenatal Vitamins & Meter Kit List
More than 300 Generics
Big Y Pharmacy Generic List

Bi-Lo Pharmacy
More than 400 Generics
Bi-Lo Pharmacy Generic List (Alphabetical)

Bloom Pharmacy
More than 400 Generics
$4.00 Prescriptions
You will need to ask a Bloom Pharmacist for list

Brookshire Brothers Pharmacy
More than 300 Generics
Brookshire Brothers Pharmacy Generic List

Brookshire’s Food & Pharmacy Program
Brookshire's Food & Pharmacy Generic List

Buehler’s Pharmacy
Buehler’s Rx Savings Club
Buehler’s Pharmacy Generic List (by Brand Name)
Buehler’s Pharmacy Generic List (by Generic Name)

City Market Pharmacy
City Market Pharmacy Generic List

Costco Member Prescription Program offers discounts to members on some Brand Name and Generic Medications, but no set prices are provided here. Membership is Free to Costco Members. Complete brief enrollment form in-store, or print and bring into Pharmacy with you.
Costco Member Prescription Program

Country Mart Pharmacy
Country Mart Pharmacy Generic List (Category)

CVS does not offer Free Antibiotics, but check this listing for other Stores and Pharmacies in your area that do - there are plenty!
Over 400 Generic Prescriptions:
Health Savings Pass - $15 Annually (provides discounts on other MinuteClinic services as well)
CVS Pharmacy Generic List

D&W Fresh Market Pharmacy
More than 300 Generics
D&W Fresh Market Pharmacy Generic List (Category)

Dierbergs Pharmacy
More than 350 Generics
Dierbergs Pharmacy Generic List (Alphabetical)

Dillons Pharmacy
More than 300 Generics
Dillons Pharmacy Generic List

EconoFoods Pharmacy
More than 300 Generics
Inquire in-store

Family Fare Pharmacy
More than 300 Generics
Family Fare Pharmacy Rewards Generic List (Category)

Food City Pharmacy
Food City Pharmacy Generic List (Alphabetical)

Fred Meyer Pharmacy
More than 300 Generics
Fred Meyer Pharmacy Generic List (Alphabetical)
Fred Meyer Pharmacy Generic List (Category)

Fry’s Food Stores Pharmacy
More than 300 Generics
Fry’s Food Stores Pharmacy Generic List

Gerbes Pharmacy
More than 300 Generics
Gerbes Pharmacy Generic List

Giant Eagle Pharmacy
Generic Prescriptions
More than 400
Giant Eagle Pharmacy Generic List

Giant Food Pharmacy
Supply of 350 Generics
Giant Food Pharmacy Generic List (Alphabetical)

Giant Food Stores Pharmacy
Giant Pharmacy Prescription Plan - One-time $10 Enrollment Fee
Generic Prescriptions
Giant Food Stores Pharmacy Generic List

Hannaford Healthy Saver Plus Program
Cost of $7.00 per year:
Savings on vision care, hearing aids and select diabetic supplies
More than 450 Generics
Hannaford Healthy Saver Plus Program (Alphabetical)
Hannaford Healthy Saver Plus Program (Enrollment Form)

Hen House Pharmacies
Hen House Pharmacies Generic List (Alphabetical)

Homeland Stores Pharmacy
Will match any competitor’s Prescription price – including $4.00 generics

Hy-Vee Pharmacy
More than 400 Generics
Hy-Vee Pharmacy Generic List

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Free Blood Pressure Medicine
Free Children's Antibiotics
Free Children's Vitamins
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