How To Get Prescription Discounts & Save Money with Generic Drugs
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There are many ways to get prescription discounts and save on Prescriptions, such as: Generic Drugs, Free Antibiotics, Free Diabetes Medications, and Free Samples, using Discount Cards, Co-Pay Cards, and Patient Assistance Programs, as well as Pill Splitting. If you thought that I saved you a lot of money in other areas of this website, then by the time you find out how much money that I can save you on Prescriptions, I promise that you'll be ready to kiss me! There's so much information here, that it takes 3 Pages. 

Get Prescription Discounts with
Generic Drugs

Generic Drugs

Switching as many of your prescriptions to GENERIC drugs is the first key to prescription discounts. It is crucial to your savings! If you don’t have one already, start by making a list of your prescriptions. Take this list to your doctor and/or pharmacist and find out which ones have generic drug equivalents. Then see which of the Pharmacies/Stores listed below are in your area and click on the links that I’ve provided to see if their Covered Generic Drug List includes your prescription(s).

Even if you have Insurance and you think that, say $10 per month is a deal for your medication, you may be wrong. I had 3 such generic drug medications that I was paying $10 per month for, that were on the generic drug list. I went to my doctor and asked them to switch me from a 30-day supply to a 90-day supply, and I was able to get the exact same generic for the same $10, but instead of paying $10 per month for a 30-day supply, I'm now paying $10 for a 90-day supply! Every quarter when I call-in a refill, I simply remind my pharmacy NOT to run those 3 medications through my Insurance - because Insurance wants the most money from you, so they will automatically fill a 30-day supply and charge you the co-pay amount of $10 per month. I'm now paying $3.33 per month, instead of $10 per month on those 3 medications!

Some of the programs that require you to pay an Annual Fee to participate may not be worth it, unless you also plan to use the additional services that come with these programs, so compare before you decide. As I locate additional Store/Pharmacy Generic Drug Programs worth mentioning, I will list them here, so check back often. These prices are subject to change.

It’s often the cheaper alternative with or without insurance if you use these strategies. If your doctor gives you a prescription for a Brand Name drug, make it a practice to ask him/her if there is a generic drug equivalent? Also, to save even more money, ask your doctor for 90-day supplies on your prescriptions. It saves you money and trips to the pharmacy.

Even if your Prescription does not appear on the Drug Store listing, that does not mean that there is no generic equivalent for it. That simply means that you'll have to pay slightly more for the generic.

Pharmacy List cont...

Generic Drug List

Ingles Pharmacy
More than 400 Generics
Ingles Advantage Card Required
$5 Individual/$10 Family Membership fee per year
Ingles Pharmacy Generic List

Jay C Food Stores Pharmacy
More than 300 Generics
Jay C Food Stores Pharmacy Generic List

K-Mart Pharmacy
Over 400 Generic Prescriptions:
Kmart Pharmacy Prescription Savings Club
$10 Annual Enrollment Fee (includes you and household) + up to 35% off all other generic prescription meds and up to 20% off all brand name meds.
For details about program, or to sign-up:
K-Mart Pharmacy Prescription Savings Club Enrollment
K-Mart Pharmacy Generic List $5/30-day (Condition)
K-Mart Pharmacy Generic List $10/90-day (Condition)
K-Mart Pharmacy Generic List $15/90-day (Condition)

King Kullen Pharmacy
Prescription Savers Club
$5 per year for a family to join
No details available online/inquire in-store

King Soopers Pharmacy
More than 300 Generics
King Soopers Pharmacy Generic List

Kroger Pharmacy
More than 300 Generics
Kroger Pharmacy Generic List

Marsh Pharmacy
Marsh Pharmacy Generic List (Category)

Martin's Foods/Pharmacy
One-time $10 enrollment fee - upon signup, you will receive a coupon valid for $10 off your next grocery order of $10 or more.
Martin's Foods/Pharmacy Generic List

Martin’s (Super Market) Pharmacy
Generics - Prescription Savings Program
30-day supply for $5/$10/$15
90-day supply for $10/$20/$30
Martin’s Pharmacy Generic List

Owen’s Market Pharmacy
More than 300 Generics
Owen’s Market Pharmacy Generic List

Pathmark Pharmacy
More than 360 Generics
Pathmark Pharmacy Generic List

Pay Less Supermarkets Pharmacy
More than 300 Generics
Pay Less Supermarkets Pharmacy Generic List

Price Chopper Pharmacy
Generics less than $3.00/mo. with the purchase of 100 pills and a $9.99 RxAdvantEdge Prescription Plan, and if one pill is taken once a day.
Price Chopper Pharmacy Generic List (Category)

Price Cutter Pharmacy
Price Cutter Pharmacy Generic (Category)

QFC Pharmacy
More than 300 Generics
QFC Pharmacy Generic List

Ralphs Pharmacy
More than 300 Generics
Ralphs Pharmacy Generic List

Rite Aid
Over 500 Generic Prescriptions:
Rite Aid Free Rx Savings Program
Free to join in-store + 20% on other Generic Meds (not on list), 15% on Brand Name Meds and more.
Rite Aid Generic List (Alphabetical)

Schnucks Pharmacy
More than 300 Generics
Schnucks Pharmacy Generic List

ShopRite Pharmacy
Shop Rite Pharmacy Generic List

Smith’s Pharmacy
More than 300 Generics
Smith’s Pharmacy Generic List

Stop & Shop Pharmacy
More than 350 Generics
Stop & Shop Pharmacy Generic List (Alphabetical)

Super 1 Foods Pharmacy
More than 400 Generics
Super 1 Foods Pharmacy Generic List (Alphabetical)

SuperFresh Pharmacy
More than 370 Generics
SuperFresh Pharmacy Generic List

Target Pharmacy Generic List

Over 400 Generic Prescriptions
Walgreens Prescription Savings Club
$20 Individual/$35 Family Annual Enrollment Fee + offers other benefits
For details about program, or to enroll: Walgreens Prescriptions Savings Club Enrollment
Walgreens Pharmacy Generic List (Category)

Walmart/Sam’s Club
Hundreds of Generic Prescriptions
Walmart/Sam’s Club Generic List (Category)

Waldbaum’s Pharmacy
More than 370 Generics
Waldbaum’s Pharmacy Generic List (Alphabetical)

Wegmans Pharmacy
Wegmans Pharmacy Generic List (Alphabetical)

Weis Markets Pharmacy
More than 400 Generics
Weis Markets Pharmacy Generic List (Alphabetical)

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