How to Make Money at Home

Want to know how to make money at home? Are you a stay at home Mom that needs a part-time job? Maybe you're disabled, and need to work-at-home? Or simply retired and just need to earn some extra cash? Simply need to supplement your income? There are many reasons that we need or want to earn extra money, so I've put together a list of possible options for that include work-at-home jobsways to sell your stuffSwagBucksdonating your stuff, money making apps and other ways to make money.   I'll keep adding to this list as I find legitimate options!

Virtual Customer Service & Assistant

Customer Service Representative

Most of these work-at-home jobs involve answering in-bound customer and/or Customer Service calls. Some may involve sales or outgoing sales calls. You, yourself must have a pleasant phone voice, typing skills, be able to read, write, learn their software/programs, and have great customer service skills. Let’s face it, in customer service, you will have to deal with difficult customers from time-to-time, and you will need to be able to remain pleasant under those circumstances.

In the way of equipment, most of these positions require that you have a computer, high-speed Internet access, a landline phone, and a quiet place to work with no dogs barking, loud birds chirping, or children screaming (a room to yourself). They do not provide any of the equipment needed, but there may be a tax write-off for your work-at-home activity if you allocate a specific space in your home (ask your tax advisor). You may be required to purchase specific equipment, such as a telephone headset for the position.

Most only hire part-time, or during the Holidays, and the hours may vary or shift from day to evening to graveyard, so it’s best if your schedule is flexible. Sometimes seniority and/or performance play a great part in getting the best shifts. Be aware that they will conduct interviews over the phone, and if you pass the initial stages, they will probably send you a packet that will include authorization for a criminal check, credit check, and possibly blood screening (for drugs and alcohol). For some, you will have to pay for the criminal/background check yourself (they will tell you how much it will cost). Once you’ve passed all the screenings and online interviews you’ll be provided with either phone/online/computer training and be given a start date.

If this sounds like it’s for you, check out these websites:

Virtual Customer Service

ACD Direct

Accolade Support

Sykes Home/Alpine Access



HirePoint/Teletech @ Home


West Corporation

Working Solutions

Virtual Assistant


Freelance Work
Be sure to check out if you have a skill that you believe you can perform for someone over the internet, computer or phone, or even something where they can provide details and you can then forward the completed project. People who hire on Elance are not looking for amateurs though, they're looking for skilled labor, so don't try to learn on their dime. Some of the most popular skills are Programmers, Designers, Writers, Admins, Marketers, Consultants, Accountants and Mobile Developers, but there's a long list of skilled talent needed, so check it out
With Fiverr, you can post gigs for a small service that you are willing to perform for $5. There is no charge to post these gigs. I suggest you browse the types of gigs that people are currently offering to get some ideas for the types of things that you might want to offer. Get creative, but be sure not to give away the farm! When your gig is ordered by someone, you will be notified. Once you've delivered the completed work, $4 (Fiverr keeps $1) will be deposited into your PayPal account after 48 hours.

If you have extra space in your driveway, or you have an extra long driveway to your home with grass and/or pavement, you can rent out parking space(s). This is especially lucrative if you live near a Stadium, Ball Park, Event, Carnival, Theme Park, etc. I've seen people that do this on their own - you put out a sign that says how much you're charging (i.e., Event Parking $5, $10 to Park). They use a large light stick or flashlight at night, to guide people to their homes to park. You hand the person parking a piece of paper with your address and phone/cell number. They keep their keys, but they pay you in advance. When they're finished at the event, they simply come and drive away. You must make certain not to block anyone in with another person's vehicle though. If you're not near an event, you can use the site, and charge people to rent for a day/week/monthly. A great way to make some side cash!

Amazon's Mechanical Turk
You can make some small money by doing various hired tasks, such as Surveys, Transcription of Recordings, Watching Videos and Commenting, Giving your opinion on Websites, Researching Keywords, etc. You will need to look through the tasks carefully, because some of them pay you pennies on the dollar for a lot of your time, and simply are not worth it, but others you can complete in a short period of time. Sign up first, then it will take them 48 hours to approve you to begin performing tasks.

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