How to Get Free Swagbucks Points,
Free Gift Cards & Free Stuff
- 7 Easy Ways -

Want to know 7 easy ways of how to get free Swagbucks points and how to use the Swagbucks Points Program to earn Free Gift Cards and/or Merchandise of around $120.00 to $200.00 or more per year?  If you’ve never heard of SwagBucks, they’re a Search Engine, like Google. You simply type in what you’re searching for, and results come back. Except; SwagBucks periodically awards you “Swag Bucks” when you search through them. These Swag Bucks accumulate and can be used to purchase things in their Swag Store. The offerings range from music, books, apparel, gift cards, electronics, and more; but many ‘people in the know’ use these bucks for the free Gift Cards – especially the 450SB (requires 450 SwagBucks points) $5.00 Gift card, because it is one of the best offerings, and you can rack them up and purchase whatever you want through Since Amazon is one of the better discount shopping places, I use them frequently.  They also offer Walmart Gift Cards and others.

Most of us have Search Engines that we prefer to use. If you prefer to use another Search Engine, you can still use them to do the remainder of your searches. Simply use SwagBucks until you get your SwagBucks points, and then go back to your regular Search Engine the remainder of the day.

How to Get Free Swagbucks Points, 
Gift Cards & Merchandise


1. Join Swagbucks:

They will usually start you out with 30 SwagBucks.  With the promotion to the right, you can earn a $5 sign-up bonus!  This may be instead of the 30 points, but the $5 is worth WAY more than 30 points.

2.  Search using their Search Box:
I usually get awarded points on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd search of the day. I’ve been able to get awarded up to 3 times each day, every day. Simply search in the morning, in the afternoon, then in the evening. Another trick that I've found is -- if you’re having a hard time getting your points, go to the second page of the search results – that will sometimes get the Bucks for you. You’re normally awarded between 6 to 12 SwagBucks. Fridays are Mega Swag Bucks Days, so you can get really substantial points on Fridays! 

3. Search on Fridays
Friday's are Mega Swagbucks Days, and when you earn points on Fridays, they award substantially greater points!  So, instead of say 8 to 15 points, on one search, you might be awarded 50 to 150 points.  It's the luck of the draw.

4.  Participate in the Daily Polls:
They ask you generic questions each day, and award you 1 Swag Buck for answering. If you feel the question is too personal, do not participate that day. I have the Poll set-up in my Favorites, so that I remember to do it each day.  If I feel that the question is too personal, I skip that day's poll.

5.  Your Birthday:
Provide them with your birthdate when signing up, and SwagBucks will send you an email on your Birthday offering 50 Free Swagbucks. Simply hit the "Claim" button to get them.

How to get Free Swagbucks

6.  NOSO:  No Obligation Special Offers
You get to this by clicking on the SwagBucks logo from anywhere.  On the left side of the page you'll see, a "To Do List" with (1)Daily Crave, (2) Toolbar, (3) Daily Poll, and (4) NOSO. Click on NOSO, and hit the large Red Button that says "Start Earning Now."  Then simply go to the bottom of each page and click "Skip" or "See Next Offer" (unless you're interested in a particular offer).  You'll usually go through about 3 to 5 offers to get to the final page where they'll have you type in a captcha or see a brief video in order to get the captcha code to type into the box to retrieve your Swagbucks points.  You will receive 2 to 3 points for what takes seconds to complete.  You can do this daily.

7.  Watch SBTV
With this you watch 1 to 6 minute video clips until a meter reaches 100%.  Once the meter reaches 99% to 100% you're awarded 3 SwagBucks.  They have some videos under the Food section, like Rachel Ray, some in Entertainment, Pets/Animals, and lots more categories. There is plenty to choose from, so something will interest you.  Hint:  If you're a multi-tasker, you can open 2 screens on your monitor, and have videos running on one screen, while you're working on something else on another screen.  You can also accomplish this with 2 computers. (Clever Girl ☺)   Stick with me if you want to learn all kinds of clever ways to keep more of your money in your pocket!  Okay, what movie was the line, "Clever Girl" from?  Tick tock, tick tock...  Answer: Jurassic Park

Other Ways:
Daily Deals and Special Offers are other good ways of earning bucks. They offer lots of other methods to earn SwagBucks. You can check them out for yourself under the “Earn” tab.  My goal with this page was to list the easiest ways to earn points!

Free Gift Card

You can spend the points right when you earn them (like I do), save up for a special item, or save up for Holiday gifts. As you can see, because this is one of the better Points Programs, I have devoted an entire page to it, but please check out my additional page which tells you about other Rewards Points Programs available.

I earn free Gift Cards from Amazon so frequently, that I never purchase from Amazon anymore without using my SwagBucks Coupon Codes. Note: You can use multiple SwagBucks codes on 1 Amazon purchase. If I find something that I want to purchase on Amazon, I'll place it in my cart, then when I receive enough points to get my SwagBucks Gift Card(s), I will then go and purchase what I've placed in my cart. Try it, you can save a lot of money. If your purchase is less than your SwagBucks Gift Card, for instance if your free Gift Card is $5.00, but your purchase is only $4.50, Amazon will keep the additional .50 cents in your account, and automatically apply the credit to your next purchase.

That's how to get free SwagBucks Points!

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