180+ Hobbies and Interests
Hobbies for Men, Women, Kids, etc.

Attached is a listing of over 180 fun hobbies for men, women, families, couples, seniors and kids! As one of the most complete lists that you will find on the internet, you'll surely find something on this list that you would like to do! Activities range from the more laid back (where you might not even have to leave your sofa), to middle-of-the-road, to the extreme daredevils out there! Go through the list and see what you're up for, and start knocking some things off of your bucket list! We should all try to enjoy life while we're on this side of the dirt! Life can't be all about work, work, work. Have some fun!

Hobbies for Men, Women, Kids, Families, etc.

Hobbies For Men
  1. Acting (Community Theatre, Improv, ...)
  2. Amusement/Theme/Water Parks 
  3. Animal Breeding
  4. Animal Training 
  5. Animal Watching 
  6. Antiquing
  7. Arcades 
  8. Art/Artists 
  9. Astronomy
  10. Auto Racing/Motocross 
  11. Backpacking 
  12. Badminton 
  13. Baking &/or Cake Making/Decorating 
  14. Baking Contests
  15. Barbecue and Grilling (Outdoors) 
  16. Baseball/Softball 
  17. Basketball 
  18. Battle Reenactments
  19. Beach 
  20. Beauty Contests
  21. Bicycling 
  22. Billiards/Pool 
  23. Bingo
  24. Bird Watching 
  25. Blogging 
  26. Board Games
  27. Boating (Power/Motor) 
  28. Body Building/Weights 
  29. Book Club
  30. Bowling 
  31. Bungee Jumping 
  32. Camping 
  33. Candle Making
  34. Cards (i.e., Poker, Blackjack, Solitaire, Bridge, Gin Rummy, etc.) 
  35. Carpentry
  36. Chess
  37. Church Activities 
  38. Civil War Buff
  39. Collecting (stamps, coins, rocks, pins, art, autographs, sports memorabilia, toys, antiques, etc.) 
  40. College Courses (Online, Continuing Education)
  41. Comedy Clubs 
  42. Computer 
  43. Computer Games 
  44. Computer Learning 
  45. Computer/Online in general 
  46. Concert Attendance
  47. Cooking (Indoors)
  48. Cooking Contests
  49. Couponing
  50. Crafts/Crafting
  51. Crocheting
  52. Cross Stitch
  53. Cruises 
  54. Dancing 
  55. Darts
  56. Decorating/Interior Design
  57. Digital Art
  58. Dining/Eating Out 
  59. Doll House Building
  60. Doll Making
  61. Entertaining at Home 
  62. Exercise 
  63. Family Time/Family Historian
  64. Fen Shui
  65. Fencing 
  66. Firearms/Shooting Ranges
  67. Fishing 
  68. Fishkeeping (Aquariums)
  69. Flea Markets
  70. Football 
  71. Four Wheeling 
  72. Frisbee
  73. Fruit Picking (Apple Picking, Grape Harvesting)
  74. Gambling (Casino)
  75. Gardening/Flower Arranging 
  76. Geocaching
  77. Ghosthunting 
  78. Glass Blowing
  79. Golf 
  80. Gymnastics 
  81. Hang Gliding 
  82. Haunted Place Visits/Stays (Houses, Hotels, Cruise Ships)
  83. Hiking 
  84. Hockey 
  85. Holiday Decorating (Christmas, Halloween, etc.)
  86. Home Brewing Wine/Beer/Mead 
  87. Home Canning and Jarring 
  88. Horseback Riding 
  89. Hot Air Ballooning 
  90. Housework 
  91. Hunting 
  92. Ice Skating 
  93. Jet Skiing 
  94. Jewelry Making
  95. Journaling
  96. Juggling
  97. Karaoke 
  98. Kite Flying
  99. Knitting
  100. Learning Foreign Languages 
  101. Listening to Music 
  102. Lottery
  103. Magic  & Magic Tricks
  104. Marathons
  105. Martial Arts 
  106. Meditation
  107. Microscopy
  108. Model Building (and Flying/Operating) i.e., Trains, Airplanes, Autos
  109. Motorcycling 
  110. Mountain Climbing 
  111. Movies/DVDs 
  112. Museums 
  113. Music Production
  114. Music Recording
  115. Music Teacher/Teaching
  116. Nature Walking
  117. Needlepoint
  118. Noodling
  119. Online Gamer
  120. Paintballing 
  121. Painting 
  122. Parachuting 
  123. Performing Arts/Theatre 
  124. Pet/Animal Care
  125. Photography 
  126. Pinball 
  127. Ping Pong
  128. Playing Musical Instruments (Drums, Guitar, Piano, etc.)
  129. Pottery
  130. Puppetry
  131. Puzzles (Jigsaw, Crossword, Brain Teasers)
  132. Quilting
  133. Rafting/Canoeing 
  134. Reading 
  135. Relaxing 
  136. Renaissance Fairs
  137. Rock Climbing 
  138. Roller Skating 
  139. Running 
  140. RVing
  141. Sailing 
  142. Scale Model Building (like Airplanes, Railroads, etc.) 
  143. Scrap-booking
  144. Scuba Diving 
  145. Sewing 
  146. Shopping 
  147. Singing and Choir
  148. Skateboarding 
  149. Skiing 
  150. Skydiving 
  151. Sleeping/Napping (hey, some might consider it a hobby :-)
  152. Snorkeling 
  153. Snowboarding
  154. Soap Making
  155. Soccer 
  156. Socializing 
  157. Spelunking 
  158. Sports Watching
  159. Stock Market Watcher/Trader
  160. Surfing 
  161. Sweepstakes Entries
  162. Swimming 
  163. Table Tennis 
  164. Talent Contests
  165. Taxidermy
  166. Tennis 
  167. Train Trips
  168. Traveling 
  169. Treehouse Building
  170. Triathlons
  171. TV Watching
  172. VFW Post 
  173. Video Games
  174. Volleyball 
  175. Volunteer Work 
  176. Walking
  177. Weight Lifting
  178. Windsurfing 
  179. Wine Tasting 
  180. Woodworking 
  181. Working on Cars 
  182. Writing 
  183. Yoga

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