Furniture Warranty
Furniture Warranties
Don't waste your money on them!

Why is a furniture warranty a waste of your money?

  1. These warranties are grossly overpriced. The majority of the cost you pay is sheer profit for the furniture retailer/manufacturer.
  2. Most major furniture stores already offer a free warranty for your furniture (see list below). This information may not be touted or even told to you, because the sales persons need to sell you on the "paid" warranty to boost sales and their commissions.
  3. You can protect your furniture yourself for 10 times less than the paid warranty (see details below).

What you should also know is that warranties (either free or paid) WILL NOT cover most accidental damages to your furniture. And let's be honest, aren't these the types of damages that most of us get? Things such as: spills or stains on furniture (where the stain will not come out), pen/ink marks, accidental cuts or tears, cat or dog claw scratches, etc. So why waste your money, when it will not even cover most of your damages? When I get a particular type of stain, I will search for ways to remove it on the internet - your cheapest bet!

Major Furniture Stores that offer Free Warranties

What you may not know, because many Furniture Stores will not volunteer this information, in the hopes of selling you an Extended Warranty, is that most of them already provide a 1-year or more warranty on your furniture. Since they don't usually volunteer this information; when furniture shopping, you should ask if there is a warranty included with your furniture purchase. Likely, they will briefly touch on the "included" warranty, then quickly begin to discuss and tout the "extended warranty."

Some retailers even offer a "Limited" Lifetime Warranty on their furniture. This will be something that they will hype up big in commercials and with Sales persons. What they don't volunteer normally, is that this lifetime warranty doesn't cover much. Most only cover structural, like frames or the framing of your furniture. After the first year, this warranty will usually only cover the parts and not labor, packing or shipping & transportation costs if something needs to be replaced.

List of No Cost Warranties

Here are the "included" warranties for several major Furniture Stores. If you're furniture shopping, you should print the ones for the stores that you plan to visit, and take them with you. Or you can access, this page from your mobile device.

American Signature (No Cost Warranty)

Ashley Furniture (No Cost Warranty)

Badcock Home Furniture (No Cost Warranty)

Bassett Home Furnishings (No Cost Warranty)

Bob's Discount Furniture (No Cost Warranty)

Crate and Barrel (No Cost Warranty

Ethan Allen (No Cost Warranty)

Haverty's (No Cost and Paid Warranties)

Kanes Furniture (No Cost Warranty)

Lane Furniture (No Cost Warranty)

La-Z-Boy (No Cost Warranty)

Rooms To Go (No Cost and Paid Warranties)

Select Comfort/Sleep Number (No Cost Warranty)

Thomasville (No Cost Warranty)

Should I purchase the Fabric & Leather Protection?

Absolutely not! This is a waste of your money. I know from experience, because many years ago, I purchased the fabric & leather protection for my new leather sofas. It was my first time purchasing leather furniture and the salesman convinced me that it was worth it. It wasn't! They tell you that your sofas will be "Professionally Treated," and they state this same wording in their warranty. Well, I found out the real deal when they delivered one of my sofas without first applying the fabric protector. It doesn't take a "professional" to treat your fabric. If you can spray and wipe, then you too are a professional. (Ha!) They sent out an employee with a bottle of the product that I mention below. While he was spraying this leather conditioner onto the sofa, I was asking questions. I asked him if this was the product that they used at the factory or warehouse prior to shipping out the sofas. He said, "the exact same." I dug further... I asked, so they just spray this stuff on the furniture and wipe. Answer, "yep." He went on to explain that there was a different product for upholstered fabric, but it's all made by the same company. I asked if this stuff was very expensive, and he said "not really." I had asked this, because I knew that as an uninformed shopper, I had just spent over $100 per sofa for this extra protection, when I could have simply purchased a bottle of this stuff, and protected it myself. I then asked if I could see the bottle, and he obliged. I wrote down the manufacturer and name of the product.

Also, what the Salesman will not tell you is that even if you stain the furniture after the protectant has been applied, they will only send a representative to your home to clean the stained area to the "FULLEST POSSIBLE DEGREE", and they will re-apply the protectant product. If the area does not come clean, the warranty DOES NOT include replacing your furniture. The warranty also DOES NOT INCLUDE stains caused by human/animal body fluid, acid, dye, bleach or other corrosives.

You know the saying, "Fool me once..." Well, I'm a quick learner, and will NEVER purchase this protection again.

You would pay $100 to $200 per piece for something that you can do yourself for $25 or less! And this one container will protect several pieces of furniture. If you purchase from Rooms to Go, they will try hard to sell you their warranty. Even when you decline it in the store, they put you on a call list and call you at the number you provided to the salesperson (home or cell) and attempt to sell you the warranty AFTER you have already made your purchase. After 3 annoying calls, I literally had to tell the phone representative to remove me and my number from their call list. After 2 days, I no longer received the calls.

How to Protect Your Furniture Yourself

Fabric Upholstery:

Here is what Rooms To Go uses, and what you may wish to purchase in order to protect your new furniture yourself:

For Fabric, you should purchase ForceField Upholstery, Rug & Fabric Protector. It creates an invisible barrier and repels stains, spills and water.

Here's where you can purchase it:

Joann Fabric and Craft Stores

Leather Upholstery:

Here is what Rooms To Go uses, and what you may wish to purchase in order to protect your new furniture yourself:

For Leather, you should purchase ForceField Leather Cleaner & Conditioner. It works on Furniture, Clothing, Auto and Accessories. It cleans, protects and conditions.

Here's where you can purchase it:

Joann Fabric and Craft Stores

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