FreeRadio:  A list of the Top 13 Websites offering Free Radio Online!

FreeRadio:  I've compiled a list of the Top 13 Websites offering Free Radio Online!  The internet has brought us so many great freebies, that it's hard to think of the days when we had to do without the internet.  Of course in order to offer free online radio  many must bring you some commercial interruptions.  I don't really mind that since it's free.  Sponsors and commercials pay for many free things that we enjoy.  What I don't understand is why we still have to listen to or watch commercials for "paid" subscriptions, such as Pay Radio and Cable TV.  Answer me that?! Anyway, you have several choices when it comes to free internet radio. Check out a few of the options that I've listed below, pick you favorites, then sign up. Be sure to check out the Discount Fanatics "Media Savings Center" in the tan box at the bottom of this page for other free and low cost options!


You can listen through your computer or connect to speakers for a party, barbeque or other occasion.
Dance like no-one's looking - even if they're looking.  
It'll give them something to talk about the next day :-)

Free Internet Radio
  • Pandora
    You can create radio stations based on the type of genre, artists and songs that you like.
  • Spotify
    Streams music - select from millions of songs.  Get the Free Version (for Mobile, Tablet or Computer)
    Select the artist(s) you want to listen to and they'll tell you which radio stations play that artist, and give you other recommendations based on the music you listen to.
  • Shoutcast
    Thousands of free MP3 and AAC radio stations from around the world.

  • Jango
    Listen to hundreds of genre radio stations or create your own.

  • AOL Radio Slacker
    Over 200 radio stations to listen to.
  • Grooveshark
    Free music streaming, create playlists, share music with friends.
  • MOG
    Stream music, create playlists (for web and mobile)
  • RadioTuna
    Select your genre of music or an artist, and they list radio stations that play that genre or artist.  You can then play the stations from their site.
  • 8Tracks
    Create your own playlists consisting of 8 songs or listen to playlists put together by other 8tracks users.
    Free streaming radio channels.

  • AccuRadio
    Customizable online radio, with over 600 free internet radio stations.
  • Playlist
    Lets users create free playlists to use and share.  You can also view other people's playlists.

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