Free Skincare Samples
Free Deodorant Samples

In this section, you will find a list of where and how to get Free Skincare Samples and Free Skincare Samples by mail and in person. Skincare beauty items will include:

  • free deodorant samples
  • free lotion samples
  • free razors
  • free moisturizer
  • free sunscreen
  • free contact lens solution
  • and more!

Many freebies remain year-round, and many come and go, so you will see this list change time and time again. 

Free Skincare Samples
Free Deodorant Samples

Allure Free Samples
Allure offers full-sized samples during a certain week of each month as giveaways. But you have to be fast to get these; they’re usually for the first 500 that complete the form online at a certain time. But like I mentioned, these are full-sized perfume samples, beauty samples, hair care samples, skincare samples, makeup samples and more!

Become a member of and you'll receive an exclusive offer on your birthday every year. Aveda carries makeup, hair care, skin care, perfume and more. Also, add your name to their email registry and you'll receive weekly notification of free in-store samples, and you'll receive a mailed invitation to pick-up a travel sized item every 3 months.

Biotrue Free Contact Solution Sample
Complete the questionnaire and the form in order to receive the free sample. 

Body Shop
Stop in the store and ask if there's any products that you can try out at home.

Cloud Nine Free Body Lotion
Complete the form to request your free sample of their certified organic body lotion.

Nivea Free In-Shower Body Lotion Sample
Click the "Request Free Sample" button

Free Skincare Samples with Conditions

Sephora Free Samples
Sephora will send you 3 free samples with every online purchase.

Ulta Free Skincare Sampler
(The sample set is free, but you pay the shipping, so you might as well add the free gift to your cart if you intend to place an actual order). You can also create an account and request a free catalog.

Other Places to get Free Skincare Samples

Sign up and once every quarter you'll be able to request free samples and coupons. They send you some great samples!

Walmart Free Samples
This is one of the most reliable Free Sample programs around! You can always trust that you will receive their samples. Check their site frequently, as it is popular and the samples go fairly soon. They always have a variety of free samples including free makeup samples by mail, free baby samples by mail, free dog food samples, free razors and more!

Target Sample Spot
Their free samples go quickly, so I'd advise you check their page frequently. Target's free samples also vary widely and could include free razor samples, free skincare samples, free makeup samples by mail, free shampoo or conditioner and more!

Sam's Club
Sam's club periodically offers free samples to their members on their website.  You can check this page periodically. I'll let you know when their offering free samples.

Click the Costco link above, and in the search box, type in "free sample." The most recent free sample offers will pop up. Click into each one and see which free samples are available. Costco periodically offers its members free samples, such as free diapers, free toothpaste, free hair care products, free skincare samples and more. You can check their page periodically. A 12-digit Costco member number is required.

Facebook & Twitter
Follow the brands that you wear and like on Facebook and Twitter and be on the lookout for announcements of product giveaways.

Cosmetic counters will often hold events where they will provide free samples to shoppers. They even provide free beauty makeovers, then will provide you with a small bag of free samples. You can call the make-up counters in advance and inquire about such events.  

Join The Club
Also ask about clubs or Insider lists that you can join for free and get free samples. Many Companies will also give you a Free Product on your Birthday if you come in and pick it up.

You can get discount coupons and/or coupons for free products simply by emailing the product manufacturer directly. I've done this many times myself. Email them with a compliment, product suggestion or even a complaint, and many times, they will send you product coupons. Email them specifically asking for product coupons and guess what, they'll send you coupons! Tell them how much you or a family member love their product (tell them which specific product), then ask if they can mail you any free product coupons or discount coupons.  Nine times out of ten, you'll get them!

As I inform my readers, groceries are the second largest expense for most people/families, so you need to save when and where you can! You can get lots of free food and free products simply by using coupons!

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