A List of the Top 35+
Free Movie Websites
with Free Movies to Watch

With this list of the Top 35+ Free Movie Websites and Free Movies Online, you could watch and/or stream free full-length movies until you form a butt groove in the sofa! And yes, these are all legal movies - okay, I'm drooling again. I really should get that under control :-). No matter what you're into, there's semi-current films, classic films, documentaries, even silent films! Many things that you may have been renting are available absolutely free!

Some of these sites require you to sign up in order to watch, but the majority do not. Watching movies online will require high-speed internet so that you can watch the movie and not see that ever constant spinning hypnotic circle that comes with low-speed internet. I call that spinning circle "the agitator," because for those of us with little patience, it's there simply to agitate us! Check out this list. I've put the best near the top, and by best, I mean the ones with the most films and easy to navigate. But the bottom free movie websites are good too. I've clicked into every single site and tested movies in every site to make certain that they work, and are not just there to lead you to purchasing movies (although there are options to purchase available on some). Some of these sites also have apps, so that you can view them on mobile devices and with devices like Amazon Fire Stick. Enjoy!

Free Movie Websites
Free Movies to Watch

Free Movie Websites
  • OVGuide Movies
    OVGuide is one of the best free movie websites, which is why it tops my list with over 5000 free full length movies! It is the mother-of-all free movie websites! In movie terms, OV Guide is the Mother Alien that laid all those eggs and has like 3 inner mouths that goes after Ripley☺. You can search by genre or movie title. OVGuide is also on my "free online tv shows" list.
  • Crackle Movies
    Crackle is at the top of my list because it is one of the best free movie websites! It is on my free movie and "free online tv shows" list!
  • Hulu Movies
    The free movies are in SD quality, you can only get HD quality if you subscribe to Hulu Plus (paid subscription).

  • Full Movies
    These movies are from YouTube, but I rate it higher than YouTube, because the website is laid out better. You can select your movies by category, or search by movie name. And all of the movies on this site are free.

  • YouTube
    Sort through the list of free movies or use the search bar.

  • Popcornflix
    They have a large selection of movies to instantly watch as well.
  • Viewster Movies
    Viewster is also listed on my "free online tv shows" list.

  • Lifetime
    Did you miss any of the Lifetime movies when they aired on the network? Well you can watch their full length movies online.
  • Public Domain Torrents
    Classic Movies & B-Movies

  • Internet Archive
    This site has movies like classic shorts, world culture documentaries, World War II propaganda, Silent Films, etc.

  • Free Movies Cinema
    Free movies in many categories

  • Open Film
    This site has a lot of free movies (older films, independent films, animation, short films, documentaries). Simply go to the top of the page and click on "Films" and the drop down menu will open up with a list of movie categories.  Select whether you want to see Comedy, Drama, etc.

  • Retrovision Movies
    Classic movies from Hollywood's golden era.

  • Inmoo
    Independent films and shorts - they have some good ones.

  • Classic Cinema Online
    Classic and vintage movies as well as silent films.

  • FreeMooviesOnline
    Classic movies like Laurel and Hardy and John Wayne. Scan down the list past the Movie Reviews for the actual free movies.

  • PublicDomain Flicks
    Hundreds of free classic public domain flicks that you can legally download.

  • ABE Horror
    All horror movies. Skip past the clips and trailers (unless you want to watch them) and go straight to the full-length movies.

  • Watch Kung Fu
    Ding, ding, ding... You guessed it.  Kung Fu type movies. :-)

  • HitBliss Movies
    This downloadable program requires you to do some work in order to get movies, which is why it's not nearer to the top of the list. You must watch ads and earn redeemable points that convert to cash.  What you earn can be applied to the cost of a movie rental at Amazon.

  • CMF - Campus Movie Fest
    Short movies created by students or contributed by independent artists. All movies are 5 minutes or less. (If it's 5 minutes or less, can you call it a movie? :-) I guess so.)

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Free Movie Websites


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Best Streaming Devices

You can also use any of these wonderful, low-cost Streaming Devices to watch the free movies, tv shows, videos, etc. on your television! I personally own 2 of these devices, and can highly recommend the Fire TV Stick and the Google Chromecast. I prefer the Fire TV Stick, simply because it comes with a remote and many apps are pre-loaded.

Pickup Free Movies

Local Library
Your local library is a great source of not only books, but also movies! You can check-out movies watch them, then return them. Visit the link to find your local library.

Low-Cost Movie Websites

Free TV Episodes
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Save on the purchase of Blu-Rays and DVDs

If you regularly or occasionally purchase blu-rays or dvds, here's a great tip for saving on purchasing them. Use coupons. Yes, there are coupons occasionally available for movies when they come to home video. I've provided a direct link for the free printable entertainment coupons so that you can check each month. Most new coupons are released on the 1st of each month. Bonus Tip: There are retailers, like Target, that price-match Amazon.com prices. If you see a movie that is available on Amazon for a great price and Target has that same movie available, you can either print the Amazon page and take it with you, or show the Amazon page on your mobile phone or device to a Target representative and they will match that price. But wait, you can also use a coupon to make the price even better than the Amazon price! So, check for movie coupons here!

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