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Say goodbye to monthly phone bills and get free phone service with Ooma! And there's no catch. Ooma provides unlimited free local and long distance calls using the internet, their device (from $79 and up on Amazon), and your existing phone (landline or hands free, but you can use all over your home with hands free units) or an Ooma handset. Plug the device into your high speed internet connection and plug your existing phone (landline or base hands-free unit) into the Ooma device. 

Free Home Phone Service

The Ooma Telo device is below, and it will show you what it is currently selling for on Amazon.

No computer needed after the initial installation, and you won’t pay any monthly phone bills if you stick with the basic service. You will only have to pay the applicable taxes and fees. Mine runs only @ $5.71 per month in taxes. I've never in my lifetime had a cheaper home phone service - and it includes free long distance!!! To see approximately how much these fees will run you monthly, click here.

Consumer Reports rated Ooma above AT&T and Verizon as the best phone service you can get for your home. And, unlike Verizon, it's FREE phone service! Not bad for a service that I had never heard of before a few years ago.  Since dropping my regular home phone line and going with Ooma, I now save over $250/year!

You can pick a phone number in your local area codes, and you may have the option of keeping your existing phone number for an additional fee of $39.99. I paid to keep my home phone number.  Prior to ordering, you can visit their website here to see if you would be able to keep/transfer your existing phone number. At the same time, they will tell you what area codes and first 3-digits of phone numbers are available in your local calling area. Note: If you decide to keep your phone number, do not cancel your existing phone service for 1-month, because you will need to first activate your device, then go online to My Ooma/Add-ons/Number Port and pay to transfer your number. This process takes 3-4 weeks, and they need your phone to be working.

The sound quality is crystal clear! When I first researched it, I read some complaints about call quality (as far as delays) for International calling, so if you’re going to be doing a lot of International calling, which is not free anyway, you may want to read the reviews yourself. Personally, I read reviews on all purchases prior to buying and I would advise you do the same. In this instance, I've already reviewed the product for you, and highly recommend it.

They will probably give you a free 60-day trial of Ooma Premier. Premier includes Caller ID, so once the trial is over, they say that you will lose Caller ID (but I didn't). It's been years and I still have caller ID. If you don't want to pay for Ooma Premier, you must cancel it before the 60-day trial ends, otherwise they will automatically charge you per the Terms of Service. If you decide to keep the Premier, they’ll transfer your existing phone number for free. Check their website if you wish to see all of the added features of Ooma Premier.

My Review of Ooma's Free Home Phone Service

It was very easy to hook-up and easy to register online. The dial-tone sounds slightly musical, so I didn't even know that it was a dial-tone at first. I've had it for many years now and it's GREAT!! Something else great about the Ooma Telo device is that it has a built-in answering machine, so if you hook a base unit to it (meaning a base unit for your 2 to 6 hands free phones) this means that you have 2 answering machines. So if you are on the phone talking to someone and you get an incoming 2nd call, Ooma's answering machine will take a message while you're still talking on your original call.  Too cool!  Or you can click over and talk to the incoming caller. 

If you choose to keep your existing phone number and pay the fee to keep your phone number, you MUST keep your existing phone service active until they port your phone number over to Ooma. You shouldn't hook up your Ooma device until after you've paid for the Number Port service (mentioned above). Then Ooma will send you an email the day before your porting will occur. Then hook up your Ooma device the day/night before the porting occurs.

Important: If you have a home alarm monitoring service, you need to make certain that Ooma will work with your system and monitoring service, otherwise you can ask your monitoring company about other options available before switching to Ooma. My system did not work with Ooma, so I had to get a wireless box added to my security system, but I still save money.

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Free Home Phone Service

Get Rid of Your Home Phone

If you don’t wish to go with a free phone service like Ooma, here’s another option you may wish to consider. Many people use their cell phones 70 to 90% of the time anyway, so your home phones are rarely used. The annoying telemarketers get more use out of your home phone and answering machine than you do! So just get rid of it. You will save anywhere from $20 to $45 per month on average, which translates to $240 to $540 per year. Check out my "Phone Savings Center" (see the box above) for other Free Options or Cheap Cell Phone Plans! 

Note: Most alarm monitoring services can route to your cell phone number, but may charge a small fee for this. You can also send and receive faxes via the internet if this is a concern - a fee may also be charged.

Stop Annoying Telemarketing Calls

National Do Not Call Registry

Do Not Call Registry

Register your home and cell number for free to help stop telemarketing calls. It will take 31 days after registering, then if the same telemarketer continues to call you, you can file a complaint at this same website.

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