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Free Flat Tire Repair, Free Brake Inspection & More

There are facilities that provide services like Free Flat Tire Repair, Free Tire Rotation, Free Check Engine Light Evaluation, Free Brake Check and other Free Car Repairs and Services. These free services can save you a lot of money. Many people don't take advantage of them and should.  

I can't tell you how many tire repairs that I had paid for in the old days! By the way, there is one thing that I found out about the free flat tire repair service that I must inform you about. If you do a temporary fix (like using Fix-A-Flat), or if you pull out the nail, they probably won't be able to offer the free service - so don't do these things! Just put on your spare/donut and leave the damaged tire as is. Okay, back to what I was saying... 

If you're easily susceptible to being talked into upselling, then limit yourself to the amount of "free" services that you take advantage of, or if you have a flashing "Sucker" sign on your forehead, you may want to avoid them altogether. Because don't fool yourself. The reason that they offer these free services are because they want to get you into their facility. They want to get you into their facility for two reasons: (1) to make you a loyal customer, so that when you do need repairs, you will use them; and (2) so that they can upsell you on additional "paid" services. Whether you walk away from there having taken advantage of ONLY the Free Services (like the free tire rotation) is mostly up to you and your willpower.

Although many places offer Free Brake Checks, I would advise against using this particular service unless you already feel or know that you have a brake problem (squeeking, brake pedal going all the way to the floor, etc.) and are prepared to pay for service. Brakes are easy "Scare Tactics" for mechanics and in many cases "Easy Money" from what I've heard. And once they've got your tires off and they're feeding you scary lines about your brakes, and telling you about how you might not want to continue driving with these brake pads "for your own safety," THEY'VE GOT YOU!

Yes, there are honest mechanics and there are dishonest mechanics, but you should not feel so comfortable when taking advantage of these free services, that you leave your vehicle unattended. I suggest that you ALWAYS keep eye-contact on the mechanic. If the service does not require them to open your hood, then stop them immediately if you see them opening the hood. In other words, stay alert! Be certain that this free service is not a lure to a paid service. 

There are many places that offer free tire rotation for the life of the tire if you purchase the tire(s) from them. Some places also offer Free Tire Roadside Assistance on your new tires. So when purchasing new tires, be certain to ask what free services are offered with the tires, and get a brochure listing these services, or have them write the free services on your receipt.  

Make it a habit that WHENEVER you get "paid" automotive services done to your vehicle to ask about the Warranty period of the work performed.  Ask what the warranty is on parts and labor. Then ask if that information is on your receipt.  If it is not in writing, have them hand write what they just told you onto your receipt, then have them sign or initial underneath it!  I don't play when it comes to this, because you never know when something will go wrong, and you need that warranty info in writing, because people don't always honor what they told you verbally.  

I will keep adding to this list as I find other free services.  Be certain to check each facilities website or phone them prior to visiting to make certain that they haven't changed their "free" offerings prior to visiting. Also, be sure to check out our Auto Savings Center (in the tan box at the bottom) for additional savings!

Free Flat Tire Repair, Brake Inspection, Tire Rotation and Other Free Car Repairs

Note: Free Services are subject to change, so check their website or call before going to them.


Free Flat Tire Repair

PepBoys Rewards

Get your free membership card in-store and then register it online to get 100 free Bonus Points. Earn points and rewards for car repairs, routine maintenance and in-store purchases. They have put in place a policy that you cannot join and then immediately use the free services (to prevent people with "pre-existing" conditions from taking advantage), so be certain to sign-up now. 

When you do pay for repairs and parts and you earn rewards, you will receive a rewards coupon in the mail. You can then spend your rewards on parts, tools or services.

Being a PepBoys Rewards member also comes with the following perks that might “Pep” you up:

  • Discounted flat tire repair
  • Discounted tire rotation
  • Free Tire Pressure Check
  • Free brake check
  • Discounted towing
  • Receive exclusive offers
  • Receive special birthday offers
  • Add points from past purchases if you forgot to do it in store


Free Services Offered:


Free Services Offered:


Free Services Offered:


Free Services Offered:


Free Services Offered:


Tires purchased from them include FREE Tire Roadside Assistance.

Free Services Offered at Tire Warehouse:

  • Free Flat Tire Repair
  • Free Nitrogen Inflation
  • Free Tire Inflation & Pressure Check
  • Free TPMS Check
  • Free 4-Tire Rotation & Alignment Check


Free Services Offered at Levin Tire:


Free Services Offered:

Save Money on Automotive Supplies

You can save when purchasing Parts, Accessories and Fluids for your vehicle by using coupons or coupon codes.  

There are often free printable coupons available for things such as oil, antifreeze and other fluids. For your ease, I've attached a direct link to the free Automotive Coupons so that you can periodically check for these types of coupons here.

See if your vehicle has any Recalls

Before and after purchasing a vehicle, you can check for any recalls on that vehicle. Simply visit, click on the "Search For Recalls" button in the right column, select the Year, Make and Model of your vehicle, then enter your VIN # when/if prompted.

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