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Arguably, there are not a lot of places to get free clothes, but I have found a few of them. Some are for new clothing and some are for used clothing. To see even more Free Stuff, look in the left column of this site for all categories available.

Follow our daily Freebies and Deals Blog.  When new companies launch, they sometimes give away free clothing, such as t-shirts or caps to a limited number of persons as promotional giveaways.  Not only does it make for a great Press Release for the company, because it gets the word out about the company's launch, but it also gets several hundred people out there wearing clothing with their logo, in effect advertising for their company.  When we find out about these clothing giveaways, we post them on the blog.

Freecycle is designed to keep items out of the landfill, by instead giving it/them away. Join and look for free clothes in your area.

Craigslist has a "Free" section, where you can find all sorts of free things, including free clothes. Oddly enough, you'll find the "Free" tab in the "For Sale" section.

Victoria Secret
Create an online account with Victoria Secret, by clicking on Store Offers and Events (at the bottom of the page) to access a monthly coupon for free underwear. Coupon can only be redeemed in-store.

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I would like to THANK YOU for this site...For a stay at home mom like myself, everything I needed for couponing, work at home info, etc is all provided on this one site. It gives me ideas and keeps me on my toes. THANK YOU!!! GOD BLESS YOU!! Damaris I., USA

OMG, I just love your site! It’s jam-packed with stuff to save me money! I never even knew about the cash back shopping thing until I came here. I shop online every couple of days and always went right to the store’s websites. Who knew?! I’ve already earned back $115.48 by signing up and using the sites you suggested. And the money I’ve saved by switching over 3 of my prescriptions to the one’s on the generic list at my local WalMart –wow! I still haven’t seen your whole site, there’s so much available. Just wanted you to know that Discount Fanatics ROCKS!!! Adrianne P., USA

Hi, I was new to couponing and I came across your site. I just wanted you to know that I read through your couponing 101 course and your related materials about couponing and it was so easy to understand, thorough and detailed. I love that I’m even able to print coupons from so many sources right from your website. It’s amazing how much information you provide to us for free and I thank you. God Bless. Trina, USA

I got sick of my cable tv company raising their rates, so I was looking for alternatives to paying for the high price of cable like many others. Your free tv episodes list is GREAT! The links to the Networks and Cable Networks don’t just take me to their homepage, it takes me directly to the page where I view the tv episodes. Man, you guys are on the ball.  I come here everyday to link to whatever program or network I plan to watch. Matthew B., USA

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