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More and more companies are letting you earn points for Free Rewards as a way to thank customers for there product loyalty and as an incentive to keep you coming back to purchase their products or use their services. Look on the product packaging for products that you use frequently to see if they offer a rewards program. Also look inside the food boxes that you eat. If you see a typed code, then most likely that code is for their Rewards Program, or they're offering some sort of contest or sweepstakes. You can also visit their website to see if they offer a Rewards Program.  

With many of these programs, you can use your accumulated points to purchase free merchandise from their online catalogs and get Free Gift Cards, Free Magazines, Free Clothing, Free Photos and so much more. You can also use your points to enter Sweepstakes, or to get brand products and free, or discount coupons for that brand.

There are thousands of Rewards Programs and Points and Rewards Programs out there that let you earn points for free rewards, so I’m mainly listing the ones that I use and/or know about. Rewards programs are for products, brands or services that reward customers for purchasing or using their products on a regular basis. Since there are so many of these types of programs that I couldn't possibly list them all. But if you have your favorites, feel free to drop me an email, and I'll look into it and possibly list it. Thanks!

Earn Points for Free Rewards

Best Buy's RewardZone

Best Buy RewardZone

Free Membership. You earn 1 point per $1 spent at Best Buy and BestBuy.com, then you receive a $5 reward certificate for every 250 points.  You will also receive special member-only offers.  You can enroll or register your account online.

My Coke Rewards

Coca Cola: My Coke Rewards

This is one of my favorite Points and Rewards programs, because my husband and I love Coca-Cola products! We’ve gotten so much free stuff from this program that they’re almost paying us to drink Cokes (but not quite). You can get free Magazines, free sodas, merchandise, and much more. Simply sign-up, purchase your favorite Coca-Cola beverages, enter the codes provided on the caps or boxes and accumulate points, then select what you wish to purchase from their catalog of free items. You can also use your points to enter Sweepstakes and Instant Win Contests, or donate your points to help your School or to support a good cause. Tip: You can use your rewards to get more points. Here's how: use your points to purchase Coca-Cola products (like Powerade, Coke, Minute Maid, Seagrams, Nestea) from their catalog. They'll mail you a coupon for the free product. You purchase it at your store, then get the code from the box or cap, thereby getting more points. For example, the Powerade 32oz takes 40 points from their online catalog, and when you enter the code from the cap after you receive your free coupon and purchase it, I believe it's worth 3 points. So at least you're getting more points. I do it all the time! I frankly don't need more free magazines, because I get plenty through my own blog, and so can you.

Disney Movie Rewards

Disney Movie Rewards

Here's the best part about this Points and Rewards program - if you're patient, you don't actually have to purchase anything. Disney periodically gives out free points codes to members, so you can simply sign up and wait. You don't even have to check Disney's site daily, simply follow my freebies blog, and I'll give you the codes when they come out. And Disney will give you the other codes in your email. They'll also send you a link (via email) for 100 Free Bonus Points on your Birthday. They send out monthly emails which usually contain a bonus code worth 5 or more points. They give you 50 points on the 1st of each year. They give you 50 points each year on the Anniversary of you're signing up.  Of course, you can also earn points by purchasing blu-rays, dvds, and other Disney merchandise on their site; by seeing Disney movies at the theatre or purchasing eligible Disney CDs (see their site for details). With your points you can purchase Disney products (Blu-Rays, DVDs, Clothing, Novelty Items, Collectibles, Toys, etc.), Restaurant Gift Cards, Travel e-Certificates and more. In the online Rewards category, they also offer free/0 points items for kids, such as Activity Sheets and Coloring Sheets that you can print, as well as mini Digital Books.

HP My Print Rewards

Hewlett Packard's HP My Print Rewards

Do you own an HP - Hewlett Packard Printer? If so, and you're purchasing genuine HP Ink Cartridges, then you should absolutely sign up for their rewards program, HP Reward. I own an HP printer/all-in-one and each time that I replace an ink cartridge, I can elect to receive up to 3 free gifts/offers. The most frequent rewards that are offered are:

  • Free Snapfish Photo Products - a custom photo mug, free photo prints, or other photo products (You will pay only the shipping)
  • Free download of HP Photo Creations - a creative printing app that allows you to create greeting cards, calendars, collages and more.

And if that's not great enough, you can select all 3 gifts/offers, or just the ones you want!

There's a second benefit to purchasing genuine HP Ink Cartridges. You can trade in your empty cartridges at Office Supply Stores like Staples for $2 to $6 each (depending on the special currently offered).

Huggies Enjoy the Ride

Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards Program

I myself don't use this program, but my readers emailed me about it. It works like the other programs, you purchase their diapers, go online and enter the codes provided, then when you have sufficient codes, you can purchase items through their online catalog.

Huggies New Mom Club

Huggies New Mom Club

They will provide a Welcome Baby Guide, plus you can earn rewards points, win prizes and get exclusive deals. They also offer advice and other resources.

JCPenney Rewards

JCPenney: JCP Rewards

Join Free. As a member, you’ll earn 1 point for every $1 you spend on regular and sale-priced merchandise in their stores, catalog or website. Every month you reach 250 points or more, you’ll earn a $10 reward. With this point system you can use/register any credit card you want to purchase with (up to 3), and not have to use the JCPenney Rewards Credit Card. If you do choose to use the Store credit card, you can earn bonus points.

Kellogg's Family Rewards

Kellogg's Family Rewards

Join Free, then upload photos of your coupons with Kelloggs products that you've purchased in order to receive points. You can also add a Store Loyalty Card for points. Kellogg's use to place points codes inside product packaging, but they are now phasing that out. You can still enter any codes that you have or come across though. Enter these codes on their website and accumulate points to get products, high dollar coupons and more. I even list some of these Free Codes for you on my Blog periodically. After you join, they'll give you a free code worth 20 points on their website. Then check your email for an additional Free Bonus Code worth 20 points. On Birthdays they will give you bonus codes (like 100 points), plus things like a $20 Shutterfly.com credit. They also periodically surprise you with free Shutterfly products for things like Mother's Day. Their newsletters are filled with coupons for Kellogg's products as well as opportunities to double or even triple your points on select products.

Old Orchard Fan Club

Old Orchard Fan Club

If you drink Old Orchard products, then this club's for you. Get 1000 points just for joining the club.  Select from the available rewards.

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