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Want to know how to earn money from home? Are you a stay at home Mom that needs a part-time job? Maybe you're disabled, and need to work-at-home? Or simply retired and just need to earn extra money? There are many reasons that we need or want to earn extra money, so I've put together a list of possible options for that include work-at-home jobs, ways to sell your stuff, starting a side business and donating your stuff.  This section focuses on how to earn money from home.

Earn Money from Home w/Etsy

Etsy is a place where you can sell handmade, vintage (20 years or older), and commercial supplies for handmade items. You cannot sell handmade items made by others, you must have made it yourself. This site is great for Artists, Crafters, Designers and other Creative Persons, and you can earn money from home selling your own wares or supplies to those who make their own wares. 

Register for an account; set up a shop on Etsy and you’ll get your own URL; take fabulous photos of your items; and list/post your items for sale.

Earn Money from Home w/Yard Sales

This method of earning extra money seems like a no-brainer, but there are suggestions to increase traffic and increase sales.

1. Hold your Yard Sale on a Weekend.

2. Place an ad regarding your Yard Sale on a week before your Yard Sale, re-run it in @ 4 days, then run it for the last time the Friday before your Saturday or Sunday Yard Sale. (Give an address, the time that you'll be out, general directions to your home, and the types of items that you'll be selling). Also run a free ad on

3. Beyonce' says, "Put a ring on it!" Well, I say, "Put a price tag on it!" People hate having to ask you "How much?" for every little thing! It's enough to make them walk away and go to another Yard Sale. You can purchase self-adhesive labels or dots at any Dollar Store or Office Supply Store; or you can also use small Post-it notes.

4. Be willing to negotiate on prices. Some people don't like haggling and will take the items for what you have them marked at, but some of us get a kick out of haggling and saving money!

If you don't know how to haggle, here's how it works: Let's say you mark an item at $5.00 hoping to get at least $4.00. I come along and offer you $3.50. You should counteroffer at $4.50. I'll then counteroffer at $4.00. You should then accept that price and say... Deal! Or you could try to knock me up to $4.25 if you feel lucky. If I say "that's okay" and start to walk away though, call me back and accept the $4.00 - gotcha!!! In the end, we've both given a little and both felt that we came out as winners in the deal. Ah... now that's a satisfying haggle.

5. If you have a lot of items at a particular price (i.e., $1.00, $5.00, etc.) set-up tables specifically for those items, and put up signs -- Everything on this table is $1.00 each! I do this at my Yard Sales and customers love it. They tell me how organized everything is compared to other Yard Sales, and my sales boom!

6. Play some music lightly in the background, but make it generic music (light jazz, elevator music, top 40). The atmosphere needs to be inviting. Too quiet is not good, and kids screaming, or dogs barking is also not good.

7. Have bags available (save grocery bags for weeks/months before) for buyers to carry their purchases.

8. Have a calculator and starting change (dollar bills and coins available). Count how much you've started with, so you'll know how much money you made in the end.

Shipping Your Products

1. Purchase a scale: You can get a manual scale or an electronic scale, but you’ll absolutely need one. I have one that weighs up to 25 pounds.

2. Save money by printing the shipping label yourself: If you’re selling on eBay, under “Actions” you can select “Print Shipping Label” and print your label online through eBay or PayPal. An additional benefit to this is that eBay/PayPal automatically sends an email to the recipient notifying them that you’ve printed the Shipping Label and providing them with tracking information for their package, so you don’t have to send a separate email informing them of this.

If you’re selling on Amazon, Etsy or anywhere else, you can print your label online directly from the Postal Service at You can even schedule a pickup and save yourself a trip to the Post Office (same day pickup is not available though).

Earn Money from Home w/Recycling

If you're not already recycling to help save the earth and to keep our earth green, how about recycling for some cash! Yeah, man! I already do it for extra cash. Go online and look up your local metal recycling centers. Call them or go on their website and find out what types of products they take for cash and what their hours of operation are, then start recycling. For example, my local recycling center pays cash for aluminum cans, old computer CPUs and appliances (other than dishwashers), things made of aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, wire, copper, brass and much, much more. Think outside the box here. For instance, if your job provides and cleans your uniforms and they return the cleaned uniforms to you each week on wire hangers... Instead of returning or throwing away these wire hangers, stack them and box them until you have a significant, heavy amount. Then take them to the recycling center for a little extra cash.  

Also, you should absolutely join Recyclebank!  With Recyclebank, you learn and earn.  Let Recycle Bank teach you about recycling and living a little greener and you'll earn points that you can redeem for products, etc.. You can log in everyday and take a pledge to earn 5 points. Also, simply watch short videos or demonstrations that teach you something recycling or earth-friendly related. Some of the videos/demos require a short test afterwards to make certain that you were paying attention. Even if you fail the test, you still get the points – they simply give you another chance and/or correct you so you’ll know the answers. You can also earn points by pledging to do something (such as saving water by turning off the water while brushing your teeth). As you complete these things, you’ll earn points that can be redeemed for things such as: discounts (dollar and percentage) at select retailers and online merchants, restaurants, manufacturer coupons, buy-one-get-one free offers, free magazine subscriptions and gift cards. Join Recyclebank.

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