How to Earn Extra Money by Starting a Side Business of Your Own Inside/Outside the Home

There are several websites devoted to how to earn extra money by Starting A Business, so I won't attempt to be the expert on listing the multiple types of businesses that you might wish to start. The one thing that most will agree on is that you should make a list of the things that you enjoy doing and then try and figure out a way to make money at it. If you currently have a full-time job, I suggest starting your business on-the-side and building it. If you become successful enough, this may turn into a full-time venture for you!

If you're looking for other ways to supplement your income, I've put together a list of possible options that include work-at-home jobsways to sell your stuff, SwagBucksdonating your stuff,  and other ways to make money.

How to earn extra money
Selling Your Stuff

Selling items that you make (such as Art, Crafts, Furniture, Pillows, Jewelry, Doll Clothing, Custom T-Shirts, etc.), get for free (like I show you how to do with Office Supplies, Food, etc.), or get at a discounted price and then resell - is still a great way to earn extra money! And I've devoted an entire page to show you ways to sell your items, so I will not repeat them here. Simply visit that page.

Do you have a clever Slogan, Phrase and/or Design, or maybe several of them, and you think that you could place these slogans, quotes, funny or inspirational sayings, etc. on t-shirts, jerseys, sweatshirts,  baseball caps, etc. and sell them online or elsewhere?  You could start out on a part-time basis with a side business, and if you're clothing gets very popular, it could lead to a full-time business!   One of the first questions that you will have before sharing your slogan, is "How can I protect my slogan?" Unfortunately, slogans cannot be protected by Copyright.  There may, however be a way to get Trademark Protection on your slogan, phrase or design.  For instance, Paris Hilton was able to get the words, "That's Hot" trademarked.  Donald Trump holds a registered trademark for the phrase, "You're Fired."  "Let's get ready to rumble" has been protected by announcer Michael Buffer as it relates to entertainment and/or marketing. 

CustomInk is a great place to purchase your wholesale clothing items (such as your custom t-shirt line) and for other uses (family reunion t-shirts, sporting teams shirts, etc.), and you can get printed t-shirts etc. with your custom design orphrase for great prices.  They even have a design tool that you can use to design your shirts on their site.  You can get custom t-shirts for less than $5.00 each!  It all depends on which fabric you select, color, sizes and quantities.  They also offer Free Shipping!

How to earn extra money
with Freelance/Side Jobs

Be sure to check out if you have a skill that you believe you can perform for someone over the internet, computer or phone, or even something where they can provide details and you can then forward the completed project. People who hire on Elance are not looking for amateurs though, they're looking for skilled labor, so don't try to learn on their dime. Some of the most popular skills are Programmers, Designers, Writers, Admins, Marketers, Consultants, Accountants and Mobile Developers, but there's a long list of skilled talent needed, so check it out.
Here's how it works:

  • People go in and tell TaskRabbit what services they need done, such as: House Cleaning, Erronds Run, Shopping, Office Help, Handyman Services, Child Care, Computer Help, Moving Help, Pet Care and much more.
  • They put in the maximum that they are willing to pay for this service.
  • The TaskRabbit (this is what they call you) that bids the lowest price is assigned the job.
  • After you perform the job you are paid online. takes a small percentage for their services (see their fee schedule).

Prior to being assigned any task you must first go through a multiple step application process that includes an essay, video interviews and a background check.

They are currently operating in the Boston, SF Bay area, San Antonio, Austin, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, LA and OC, and New York City areas. More areas are coming soon, so keep checking their website.

Do you have a teachable talent?  If you've had years of experience at something and can teach others how to do it, than you can earn extra money tutoring/teaching/training.  The options are endless, you can teach others photography, art, self-defense, computer-related skills.  Of course some things may require special licensing.  There are websites set up for specific tutoring specialties and you can list your experience and services.  For instance, there's a website called  

Also consider offering your services in the evenings or weekends at a community center or rented space to earn extra money.  Approach several places close to your home that may not be using their empty rooms in the evenings or weekends and offer to pay them a percentage of your profit for the use of their space in the off hours, so that you can use it for your classes.  You might even offer your classes through Groupon or Living Social or another such site to bring in business by the droves!  My spouse and I recently attended such a class where a retired Police Officer was teaching self-defense and offered his class on Groupon.  He used 2 rooms of a building in the evenings that others used during the day.  All they did was provide him keys to the 2 rooms that he had access to, and the rest of the building was locked off.  You can make that same type of deal if your lessons can't be run from your home or at the client's location.  No need to go through the expense of renting an entire space or building, plus you only pay the owners/renters of the building when you actually use the space.  No work that week, no rent - easy peazy!  So consider tutoring.

Start Your Own Website

One way to earn extra money is to start a website in an area of interest to you, such as Art, Jewelry, Watch Repair. Or it can be a website set-up to promote an outdoor business (such as a Lawn or Landscaping Business). Fortunately, there are many Free do-it-yourself Website Builders available to you, and I have compiled a listing below, so that you can visit them and decide if you'd like to build a free website. Many of these free website builders are no-frills (they do not provide any extra features or learning tools to grow), so they are perfect for smaller websites.  Some of these may start you out with a free subscription and then move to a paid subscription, so please read their terms prior to subscribing.

(In Alphabetical Order)

GYBO: Get Your Business Online

This is by Google and Intuit. You will receive a Free website for 1 year, free customized domain for 1 year, with 1 year of web hosting, and free online tools and training. See fees for the second and consecutive years prior to getting started.



They offer a free package, but you'll have to put up with some Moonfruit advertising on your site.







WordPress - WordPress is a great place to build a small to large website. There are plenty of sites out there that will teach you how to get started with WordPress, so use your preferred search engine, and put in searches like "how to use Wordpress" if you're interested. One of your first decisions will be whether to use or


Now, if you're interested in building a medium to large website, whether for an informational website (like this one), or a product-based website (where you sell your goods), I HIGHLY recommend Solo Build It Sitesell!  Before starting this website, like with everything that I do, I researched and researched website builders before deciding to go with Solo Build It SiteSell.  I didn't just want to throw up a website, I wanted to grow a business.  This was the difference between SiteSell and the other website builders. They concentrate on teaching you how to grow your business along with teaching you how to set-up your website!

The new features that they have added in the years that I have been with them are extraordinary!  I have been with other website builders before, but they are the best by a landslide!  Please know in advance that you will watch videos to learn the system, so don't expect to have your website up and running in 1 week.  But trust me, once you do, you'll simply LOVE IT!!  Well just look at mine :-).  And I can make changes so easily too.  If you're interested in starting your own website, I highly recommend that you check them out.

SBI SiteSell

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