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Where you'll find Frugal Living Tips, Ways to Save Money, Lower Your Expenses and Bills, Get Freebies, Print Free Coupons and more!

My mission is to save you money in your everyday life so that you will have more money to breathe and enjoy life.  Many of us struggle everyday simply to survive financially, and if the information that I provide can ease 1/4 to 1/2 of your financial burden, than I've done what I set out to do!  Let's Laugh More and Struggle Less!"

Discount Fanatics provides hundreds of frugal living tips, plus ways to save money and ways to lower your expenses and bills.  And for my Freebies Fanatics there's lots of freebies, free stuff, free samples, free magazines and so much more!

My mission is to save you money in all areas of daily living. With my site, you will be able to pull out your monthly and yearly bills and sit around the dining room table, and one-by-one, go into each section/category of the website and see how to lower or even eliminate that expense/debt.  With other sections of the site, you will find out how to get absolutely free items that will save you money in your everyday life. I can literally save you thousands of dollars per year!  And yes, this includes couponing and free printable coupons.  Some of you may not know, but Groceries and Dining Out (Restaurants & Fast Food) are the second largest expense for most people and families, next to their Mortgage/Rent.  Think about it... are you spending $150 to $300 per week on Food/Groceries/Dining Out?  That's $600 to $1200 dollars per month! Wow!  Let me help you knock that down substantially!  

Best of all, all information on this site is provided at no cost to you!

Whether you’re really into frugal living, or simply need to live on a budget, there are many reasons to lower your bills, lower your expenses and save extra dollars for yourself and your family, such as: you might be a one income family; have lost a job/income; be paying for college tuition, caring for another family member, be on a fixed-income, etc. Whatever the reason is, these methods will help. And if none of these reasons apply, use the extra money for whatever you wish. (I myself save over $600 a month on groceries alone! That doesn't even include my free home phone service and long-distance, free over-the-air television, free home security monitoring, free office supplies, cash back, free samples, etc.).  But for all that is good on this earth, save at every opportunity available to you. Because unexpected events happen in life, and when they do, you’ll have that extra cash on hand. You’ll be able save, prepare for retirement, put your child(ren) through College, help your parent(s) when they need it, make the occasional car repair, take care of the Insurance deductibles, etc., etc., etc. 

“There are people sitting around a conference table thinking of ways to take additional money out of your pocket, so you have to work just as hard to put it back.”   

LaTiahna Nelson

Some of us save our families so much money by using these techniques, that it's the equivalent of going out and working a part-time job!

Want to get a real feel for how much you can save with these strategies? Hang onto something...
At $300 per month, you've saved $3600 p/yr!
At $400 per month, you've saved $4800 p/yr!
At $500 per month, you've saved $6000 p/yr!
At $600 per month, you've saved $7200 p/yr!
At $700 per month, you've saved $8400 p/yr!
At $800 per month, you've saved $9600 p/yr!

Keep a tissue nearby to stop the drool, because you’ll be salivating from all of the frugal living, money saving tips, and ways to lower your expenses that you'll see! I've compiled a treasure-trove of information and resources for my fellow Discount and Freebies Fanatics! This site is growing daily and I’m constantly adding tabs and finding new ways to save you money, so keep your eyes peeled.

"Saving money is equivalent to earning money. Because if you save your family $600 per month by using my strategies, then it's like earning $600 per month - the equivalent of a part-time job."

LaTiahna Nelson

As you will see by the tabs on the left, I have broken the savings down into sections that include:

  • Freebies & Deals Blog
  • Get Me Freebies
  • Save Me Money With Coupons
  • Lower My Grocery & Drugstore Expenses
  • Lower My Shopping Expenses
  • Lower My Monthly/Yearly Bills & Expenses
  • Lower My Restaurant & Fast Food Expenses
  • Show Me How to Earn Extra Money

Below, I briefly outline what's included in each of these areas.

Freebies & Deals Blog

In our Daily Freebies & Deals Blog, I bring you loads of limited-time:

  • Freebies
  • Highly discounted Shopping Deals
  • Free After Coupon Deals
  • Very Cheap After Coupon Deals
  • Free After Rebate Deals
  • Restaurant/Fast Food Deals
  • Magazine Deals
  • and much more!!!

Get Me Freebies

This section is devoted to nothing but Freebies and Free Stuff.

Save Me Money With Coupons

You can print Grocery Coupons directly from our site and we provide direct links to the other major coupon sites that provide printable, eCoupons and Mobile Coupons in "Coupon Saving Central."

We have also compiled a thorough listing of Manufacturers with direct links to their websites so that you can access their coupons, recipes, contests and more!

Lower My Grocery & Drugstore Expenses

Couponing 101

Frugal living and saving money would not be complete without the use of coupons, so in the Couponing 101 Series and Coupon Resource Center includes section that will teach you How to Coupon and provide all of the resources necessary to coupon effectively in order to save money at Grocery Stores and Drug Stores. After you've learned how to coupon, you will learn how to organize your coupons, how to get additional coupons and how to understand coupon lingo. I provide online links to Major Grocery Stores so that you can access their Weekly Grocery Ads, sign up for their Loyalty Programs, and print their Coupon Policies. You'll have access to listings that tell you the best time to purchase items when they're at their best prices and/or at their peak of freshness in the cases of fruits and vegetables. And lastly, I will tell you how to shop at Drugstores and score lots and lots of freebies and low-priced items.

Lower My Shopping Expenses

  • The Best Time to Buy items (non-food items)
  • The best Daily Deal sites and why you should be using them.
  • The least expensive way to get an Extended Warranty
  • Money Saving Apps
  • How to save on Pet Care expenses
  • How and where to find the best Travel Deals.
  • Why you should be purchasing your Glasses & Contacts online in many cases.
  • And so much more to come!

Lower My Monthly/Yearly Bills & Expenses

Cat Asleep on Money

This section is filled with a wealth of great information, with even more to come. Here I focus on frugal living and saving you money in your everyday living expenses and your monthly and yearly bills. I myself have saved my family a ton of money in this area, so I know what I'm talking about. Take it category by category and lower one bill or expense at a time and you will be amazed at how much money you have saved over a year. When I find a coupon and/or discount deals that will save you even more money, I will include them in each category for you.

Lower My Restaurant & Fast Food Expense

This section will offer you a great deal of savings when dining out and on take-out.

We are all aware of the coupons for Fast Food and Restaurants that come in our Sunday Paper or in the mail, and you should be using these; but many people are not aware of the many other ways that you can save money when dining out. I will be bringing you all of the other ways!

Show Me How to Earn Extra Money

I've compiled and continue to add many ways to earn extra money from home and out and about. Many of these are part-time or in your spare time gigs, but many can be turned into full-time work. I only post legitimate opportunities here, and you can make a little or a lot of money, depending on the time and effort that you choose to put in it.

Once you've seen how much money you've started to save by implementing just some of my frugal living strategies, you'll spend money and even shop in a different way!

What do Discount Fanatics do?

We think before we spend! Because unless we live like cavemen, we must spend to survive in a modern world. So, we think about which ways to save money we can use and/or combine on every purchase. Our motto is a question, and I want you to get use to asking yourself this question before every online purchase, and before every discount shopping trip –


Which ‘Ways to Save Money’ Can I Combine On This Purchase?

Can I combine:

  • Newspaper, Electronic or Printed Coupons
  • Store Coupons (Cash, Percentage or B1G1)
  • Store’s Advertised Sales
  • Cash Back Shopping
  • Cash Back Credit Cards (only if you pay off your blnc each month)
  • Cash Back Debit Cards
  • Coupon Codes/Discount Codes
  • Rewards/Gift Cards
  • Electronic/Mail-in Rebates
  • Loyalty Cards/Store Rewards
  • Shopping Online to Save Tax (w/Free Shipping or Ship-to-Store Option)
  • Good old-fashioned haggling/bargaining
  • ...and more!

If you look at this list, NONE OF THEM are your cash money! You are simply handing or giving someone a piece of paper, a number or code, a plastic or paper card, or you’re dithering/bargaining with knowledge that you’ve gained. My point is… for the most part, frugal living or saving money costs you nothing but time or knowledge. And trust me, for the discounts, it's well worth it!

Of course, sometimes, frugal living/saving money is not an option, none of these strategies are available to you, and you have to bite the bullet and pay regular price. Don’t you just hate that!

For those of you that are new to couponing, I want you to try something. I want you, for just one week, to pay with CASH. This will truly show you the benefit of using coupons. I want you to clip and use coupons (Grocery Coupons, Fast Food Coupons, Office Supply Store Coupons, etc.) and pay with Cash. When the Cashier tells you the total, say $75.00, then you hand over those coupons that you cut, let's say that the coupons total $28.00, you will truly see the value of the Coupon! Because that could have been $28.00 of your Cash that you would have been handing over. Instead of $28.00 in Cash, you simply handed over some paper that you cut out of a newspaper or catalog or printed online. You see, it may not translate if you had handed the Cashier a credit card, but when you hand over your hard-earned cash - you get it!!! My husband sees the miracles that I perform every single time that we go shopping. Clip those coupons while you're watching tv, and USE THEM!

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